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Dr. Edward Petzer

Cardiology Consultant

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Dr. Edward Petzer

Dr. Petzer runs a well established, successful private practice in Kent, while consulting and operating from a number of hospitals across London, including Spire Tunbridge Wells Hospital, Darent Valley Hospital, KIMS
and King’s College Hospital.

Dr. Edward Petzer has been a consultant cardiologist for over 16 years, working closely with those in need of cardiological treatment.  Has has cared for patients needing cardiological diagnosis, SADS (inherited cardiac disease) aid, blood pressure issues, dizziness, palpitations, shortness of breath, chest pains, collapses, faints or reduced tolerance to exercise (etc). With an experienced medical team at all of his operating hospitals Dr. Petzer has been able to support patients back to health.

Using the latest technology in cardiac diagnoses and management, Dr. Petzer is an accomplished high volume device surgeon. He established the Internal Cardiac Defibrillator, Pacemaker and Cardiac Resynchronizing Services at Darent Valley Hospital and is the main Complex Device Implanter in King’s College Hospital London, where Day Case Pacing was first heralded.

He recently spearheaded the first Syncope Service in the South East England NHS. And works closely with renowned cardiologist, Dr. Nicholas Gall in treating patients at the Tertiary Specialised National POTS Clinic.  An interest in cardiological related fainting and falls, has also seen Dr. Petzer set up a clinic to treat patients with these problems in KIMS in 2015.

Having learned first hand from internationally respected cardiac surgeons in Holland in 2015, Dr. Petzer implanted the first Subcutaneous Cardiac Defibrillator in Kent. This procedure is now an integrated part of his private practice after having received glowing patient feedback as to it’s benefits.

Dr. Petzer has held roles in a number of varied positions, from Chair of the Resuscitation Committee, along with Advanced Life Support Instructor to Clinical Director of ALS Training at Darent Valley Hospital. In 2006 Dr Petzer’s cutting edge research resulted in a poster presentation at Heart Rhythm 2006 in Boston.
Believing strongly in supporting local communities he has for last 7 years, offered Advanced Life Support Training to the Royal Tunbridge Wells Cricket Club where he also coached the under 9s.

Dr. Petzer runs a well established and successful private practice in Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent, while consulting and operating at Spire Tunbridge Wells Hospital, Darent Valley Hospital, KIMS, Princes Royal University Hospital and Kings Hospital London.


Between his private practice and NHS patients, Dr Edward Petzer works across hospitals in the South East of England. He is the primary device surgeon at Kings College Hospital, London.
He established and runs the first of its kind Syncope Clinic at Darent Valley Hospital.

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Darent Valley NHS 8:30 – 12pm


Kings College Hospital 9 – 5pm


Darent Valley OPD Clinic 8:30 – 12:30pm
Darent Valley Hospital 1pm – 5pm


Darent Valley Hospital 8:30 – 5:30pm


Darent Valley Hospital 9:30 – 12:00pm




KIMS 4 – 6:30pm


Spires Tunbridge Wells 6 – 8pm


 Darent Valley Hospital By Appointment



KIMS 1:00 – 4pm


Kings College Private (Guthrey) All Day


Darent Valley Hospital 9 – 5pm


Spire Tunbridge Wells 8am – 9am


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Watch the following short video of Dr. Edward Petzer talking about cardiac syncope, symptoms and treatment options, including the fitting of a monitoring device under the skin. Scroll down for further research and publications.


Journal Articles

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Sunderland N, Kaura A, Li A, Kamdar R, Petzer E, Dhillon P, Murgatroyd F, Scott PA. Impact of the introduction of a standardised ICD programming protocol: real-world data from a single centre. JICE. 2016; 46: 335-43.

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Kaura A, Sunderland N, Kamdar R, Petzer E, McDonagh T, Murgatroyd F, Dhillon P, Scott PA. Suitability for subcutaneous implantable cardioverter-defibrillator therapy – the impact of different selection policies. Presented BCS 2017.

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